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Welcome to Careers-Action. Since 2011 we’ve been helping managers and business/technical professionals to get back into work or start their own business.

Whatever the reason that brought you here you are probably going through a huge change in your life, experiencing redundancy is painful and frightening. Job-seeking brings many new challenges and pressures.  That’s why Careers-Action was created by job whose knowledge, experience, skills and professional business networks were brought together and through knowledge-exchange created the job search training, resources and support that you’ll need to secure the next stage of your career.

“Valuable training events to help focus on vital aspects of a comprehensive job-search.”

This website is a summary of that shared professional knowledge of recruiters, HR professionals, interview trainers, marketers, researchers any and scores more and the experience of those of us who have successfully secured employment and found out what works. You could describe it as a “job search brains trust” by and for managers and professionals experiencing career transition.

“Professional and friendly, a wealth of experience & advice”

Put it into practice for your job search and it will help you secure that next step on your career path. Please join us and become a FREE member by clicking the box on the right to access the content of this website, receive our newsletters and access our FREE training materials, resources and members online meetings. 

“I benefited and value my membership of the group.” 

All we ask is that when you secure your next role you make a donation to help us continue our work and tell others about us.

Stay positive, You have knowledge, experience, expertise and a safe pair of hands that employers are looking for.

Melvin Hurley
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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