Careers-Action is grateful to these companies for the grants and support they have provided us that have made this website possible. To find out more about them click on their logo to visit their website.

BBX is a business tool that guarantees new customers, and reduces costs, through a preferred supplier community.

Located within Milton Keynes Unitary Authority Campbell Park Parish Council provides local government services to the areas of Winterhill, Newlands, Fishermead, Oldbrook, Springfield, Willen and Woolstone. Careers-Action is based within this Parish Council.

Falcon IT provides personal telephone and on-site support for hardware and software

Located within Milton Keynes Unitary Authority Great Linford Parish Council provides local government services to the areas of Blakelands, Bolbeck Park,  Conniburrow,  Downhead Park,  Downs Barn, Giffard Park, Great Linford, Neath Hill, Pennyland, Redhouse Park,  Tongwell, and Willen Park. Careers-Action has provided services to parishioners for many years.

Localgiving’s mission is to strengthen UK communities by safeguarding the sustainability of the local voluntary sector. Localgiving receives funding from a range of generous grant funders, trusts and individual philanthropists, which is used to run regional development programmes, and campaigns, and cover a portion of its core costs. 

Milton Keynes Community Foundation is a leading grant-making charity sending funding where it’s needed most in Milton Keynes.

Printing and Mailing is a national print and direct marketing supplier providing anything and everything in Print and Direct Mail. Printing and Mailing owner Mark Orr is a Trustee of Careers-Action.