Background and Leadership

Careers-Action is a Charity established in 2016 to provide training, information and support to managers, business professionals, recently qualified graduates facing or experiencing unemployment.

Established in late 2011 as Milton Keynes Executives Action (MKEA) by Founder and Leader Melvin Hurley. Following his personal experience of management job search, outplacement consultancy training and the lack of understanding and support available to executives job seekers he set up MKEA with the participative encouragement of fellow job seeker, Simon Goldburn, and former Milton Keynes North East MP, the late Brian White. An introduction to Liz Gifford, Director at the Milton Keynes Economy and Learning partnership, resulted in a pilot programme was created to run in late 2011. Thanks to the facilitation, organisation and encouragement of Liz the pilot programme led to the operating model that continues today.

In August 2012 MKEA was formally incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company (company number: 8163828) with Melvin as the sole director. This enabled Milton Keynes Council to award MKEA a contract to become a Delivery Partner the Council's Neighbourhood Employment Programme, thereby formalising the MKEA "service provision" and providing funding to help meet the operating costs of MKEA. Sadly this ended when Government austerity cuts forced MK Council so change the job support programme.

Careers-Action is now lead by part-time volunteers Melvin Hurley, CEO, John Dale Operations Director, Peter Bellingham, Career Consultant and Trustees Mike Leaf, Chairperson, Andrew Stanley, Treasurer, Kate Payne, Lorna Beckford and Mark Orr

Virtually at the last minute before the closure of MKEA was due to be announced John Dale stepped forward to volunteer his ongoing services and time to help out. Since that time in early 2012 John has been the joint leader of MKEA and worked tirelessly to raise awareness of MKEA through Business Networking events, raise funds, lead training sessions and mock interviews and screen potential guest speakers.

At this time current MKEA members were invited to form a voluntary Management Board to advise Melvin and John on the management, growth and development of MKEA.