About Careers-Action

Redundancy and unemployment is probably the most stressful, frustrating and lonely period you will ever encounter during your career. Your confidence will be undermined, self-doubt will set in and you will certainly wonder if and when it will all end. Despite what you may think now your future is in your hands, it is up to you to take control and make things happen. Establishing a structured job search is essential unless you are extremely lucky and secure employment in the first few weeks you are likely to face a period of many months and increasingly around a year before you get back into work. This is where Careers-Action is able to help.

What is Careers-Action?

Established as Milton Keynes Executive Action in 2011, Careers-Action a not for profit Charitable Incorporated Organisation run by people with personal experience of redundancy, unemployment and management/professional job-seeking.  Volunteer subject specialists provide the training that will help you get back into work or start a new business.

What makes Careers-Action so different from outplacement providers?

Redundancy, unemployment and career transition, we’ve been there, seen it, done it and successfully come through it. We’ve found out what works, and leads to successful career transition, be it securing employment or starting a business.

As individuals we found the job search help we needed was not available. We decided to get together and pool our experience, best practices and skills. Since we began in 2011 hundreds of people joined us and our pooled knowledge and expertise continues to develop and grow.

To meet our operating costs we rely upon your donations to enable us to continue our work. Please help us donating today.

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